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Father’s Day Running Gift Ideas

June 15, 2015
fathers day running gift ideas

The Internet is filled with Father’s Day product suggestions. For many Dads, this is adequate enough. Ironically, just a few days after being asked to write this post, my wife quarried me regarding what I would want. Gift buying for gear heads like me can be extremely difficult. On several thoughtful occasions, she has purchased an extremely generous gift, only for her obnoxious gear head husband to return it for some particular desired gear. Just last year for my birthday, she broke down and tried to purchase me new bike shoes to replace my old Sidi shoes, which I had worn for almost 20 years. Secretly, I had to take them back to the local shop and humbly lower my head when a friend and the shop owner said I was being ridiculous.

Having this in mind, I have a self-admitted addiction, which precludes my wife from giving gifts during the holidays. For this reason, I have compiled a list of what I personally would want as alternatives to tangible Fathers Day gifts, which may or may not reflect what others out there would like. In David Letterman style, I will go from 5 to one.

5. A Small gift of essentials at an affordable price
* Running Socks – Feetures!…of course! 😉
* Your Dad’s favorite Nutrition (GU, Hammer, Honey Stinger, etc.)
* A new waterbottle, bladder, etc (Check out the new Ultimate Direction handhelds)ultimate direction handheld

4. A Hall Pass for Adventure – Every Dad has to manage competing interests, obligations, and responsibilities. One of the best Father’s Day gifts is just some unhindered, guilt free time to do what he enjoys. Fathers Day Gift Guide for Runners - Adventure

3. A Gift card to local running store for every mile run on Father’s Day or the week of Father’s Day – Not only a great way to support local economy, but a creative way to encourage and challenge your Father. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.
Father's Day Running Gift Card

2. A Supported Run by the kids for a Proud papa – Could you imagine running an epic road or trail route with the family as your personal crew? Some of my favorite memories include those when my wife and kids have been there to motivate and support me at local races. During my first 100 mile run, my sweet little girl insisted to wash my feet at mile 50. While impractical, I could not resist and it left an indelible mark in my memory.Scavenger Hunt

1. A contrived Adventure run or scavenger hunt – This combines some of the other ideas, but with an element of surprise and adventure. I can only imagine waking up to a letter delivered by my little girl taped to my running shoes and shorts leading to my next clue. Culminating in an epic and awesome running route with Beer and Burgers at the end. What would your Scavenger Hunt look like?fathers day gifts adventure run

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